Terms and Conditions

Return and Cancellation Policy

According to Law (2005: 59) 2 chap. 10§ You always have 14 days of withdrawal. To claim a return or cancellation, you must clearly inform us within 14 days of receipt of the product. In such a case, when you want to return and cancel an order, please use our online form. After you have filled and submitted a return or cancellation form, we will contact you when we have received the products and the reimbursement is being processed. Please note that products can only be returned if they are received by us unharmed and the tags and packing is intact.

Cookies and Security Policy

When you visit ByCandor.com, we collect information about all visits to our site. We use this information to improve your user experience, evaluate the use of the individual elements of ByCandor.com as well as to support our marketing.

Here you can read about what information we collect, how we treat this information, what we do with it, who has access to it and how to contact us regarding our cookie and privacy policy.

The collection of information on ByCandor.com takes place within the framework of the existing legislation. If personal data is processed by ByCandor.com, it will be in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

ByCandor.com automatically detects IP address and data when moving between different pages and services on the site. If you log in or subscribe to our newsletter, we also register this, to make it easier for you next time you visit us.

In this context, we use different analysis tools such as Google Analytics, which helps us collect statistics about the use of ByCandor.com and to make your experience even better.

ByCandor.com collects information about users and their visits in two ways:

  • By using cookies
  • By providing users with information (for example, subscribing to our newsletter)

What is a cookie?

When you visit ByCandor.com, cookies are stored on your computer. A cookie is a small text file stored in your browser to recognize your computer on subsequent visits. No personal information is stored in our cookies.

Almost all sites use cookies. They are stored in your computer to help you, which helps analyze how the site is used to improve user experience. In many cases cookies are necessary to provide a certain service on the site.

The information in your cookies is sent between your browser and a web server and includes information about user settings, login, and how the site is used.

How do I avoid cookies?

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can either block all cookies, delete existing cookies from your computer, or set up your computer to get a warning before cookies are saved.

We recommend that you read our cookie policy carefully before you may change your cookie settings on your computer, as well as read more about cookies on other websites.

Changing cookie settings may make your user experience worse when you visit our and other websites.

Keep in mind that if you do not accept cookies, there may be features on ByCandor.com that will not work for you.


To delete cookies, go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> and delete individual cookies or clear your history.

To block cookies, go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> From the History drop down menu, select "Use custom settings for history" - Use custom settings for history - > and tick "Always use private browsing mode" (always use private web search mode) and deselect "Accept cookies from pages".

Internet Explorer

To delete cookies, go to Tools -> Internet Options - -> General tab -> Click Delete -> Cookies -> Delete.

You block cookies by going to Tools -> Internet Options Internet Options) -> Privacy -> for the slider to the top. This way you block all cookies. -> Click OK.

Google Chrome

To delete cookies, click the toolbar -> Tools -> Clear browsing data -> Delete cookies and other site data -> Clear browsing data ).

You block cookies by clicking the toolbar -> Settings -> Show Advanced Options -> Content Settings -> Click "Block All Sites from Storing Data" (Prevent Web Sites Saving Data) and select "Block third-party cookies and site data" (block third party cookies and site data -> OK.


To delete cookies, click the toolbar -> Settings -> Security -> Click "Show Cookies." Here you can either delete cookies from a single domain or delete all cookies.

To block cookies, click the toolbar -> Settings ->> Security -> under "Accept Cookies", select "never".

What are cookies used for at ByCandor.com?

To determine who visits our websites, we use cookies to create demographic and user-related statistics. This allows us to customize and create content and services that match your and other users' wishes and interests. Below are the descriptions of the cookies used on ByCandor.com

Third party cookies

ByCandor.com uses a number of third-party services on our web pages. Sometimes these services also use cookies. You can choose not to accept third-party cookies in your browser by following this link: https://www.youronlinechoices.com/se/dina-val.

For example, third party cookies are used to collect statistics about your visits to ByCandor.com; In that case, we use cookies to, for example, Learn what websites you visit and how long you visit them. In this case, we use Google Analytics system from Google.

You can opt out of Google Analytics here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

ByCandor.com also collaborates with companies to improve our online marketing to ensure that you only see relevant ads. In this context, for example, we use the following providers: Facebook, DoubleClick, Criteo, Sociomantic, and Google.

ByCandor.com contains third party components such as Facebook Recommendation, Facebook Like, and Google+. These third party components mean that the owner of the third party component, such as Facebook or Google, receives technical data about your browser, IP address, which pages you visit at ByCandor.com and the like. The processing that the third party component owner does is beyond our control and concerns only you and the owner of the third party component.

ByCandor.com uses these components to link directly to our social media sites, thus ensuring smooth navigation for you as a customer.


At ByCandor.com, there are a number of technical cookies required for managing functionality on many parts of ByCandor.com. These are the cookies that are stored when you log in to ByCandor.com and are stored to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart, your favorites, etc.

Personal Information

Use of personal information

Sensitive personal information is never disclosed to third parties unless you explicitly consent, and we never collect personal information unless you have provided this information yourself when you made an order, participated in a survey or the like. Information is collected on names, addresses, postal code, email addresses, gender, age, interests, opinions and knowledge about different subjects.

Personal information is used to implement the service for which the information is collected. We share your information e.g. contact details and delivery details with our delivery partners for delivery and services mentioned on the site. The information is also used to get to know you and other users of the site better. This use may include studies and analyzes aimed at improving and streamlining our and our suppliers' marketing, our products, services, and technologies as well as displaying content that is tailored to your interests and hobbies.

Contact regarding personal data

Personal Data Act (Personuppgiftslagen) entitles you to see what information about you is registered and you may object to the registration. If you would like to access the information we have about you then please contact us on info@bycandor.com. You should used the same contact in case there are correction or updates to be made to the information registered about you.

Protection of personal data

Personuppgiftslagen requires from us that your personal information is kept in a safe and confidential manner. We store your personal information on high-security servers located in controlled facilities, and our security is regularly checked to determine whether your user information is handled securely, always with strict regard to your user rights. However, we can not guarantee 100% security for data transfers over the Internet. This means that there may be a risk that other unauthorized parties may access information when data is sent and stored electronically.

Personal information is deleted or anonymized when it has served it’s purpose. The rapid development of the internet means that it may sometimes be necessary to change our processing of personal data. Therefore, we reserve the right to update and amend these guidelines for processing personal data. If we do this, of course, we will correct the date for "last updated" at the bottom of the webpage. In case of extensive changes, we will notify you with a visible notice on our websites.

You are entitled to complain about the processing of information and data relating to you. Complaints are sent to the Data Inspectorate.

Sales & Delivery Terms

ByCandor.com is run and owned by Candor AB, registered with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce with organization number 556710-4699, Hyllie Boulevard 10 B, 215 32 Malmö, Sweden.

You can contact ByCandor.com on phone: +46 (0) 10-138 8988 or email address: info@bycandor.com.

These sales and delivery terms apply to the purchase of products on ByCandor.com (sub domain ByCandor.se) for delivery in Sweden.



ByCandor.com offers free delivery all over Sweden.  Our estimated delivery times are between 2-5 working days. Please note that we require a phone number to coordinate your home delivery.

Delivery Schedule

  • All orders received between Wednesday 20:00 - Monday 20:00, will be shipped on Tuesday. To be home delivered on Tuesday.
  • All orders received between Monday 20:00 - Wednesday 20:00, will be shipped on Thursday. To be home delivered on Thursday.


Order and payment

ByCandor.com is open 24 hours a day, so you can shop there almost always. However, we may temporarily close the store for maintenance purposes with notice available on the site. You can only buy products when the store is open and available.

ByCandor allows for shopping by customers above 18 years of age. If you are not 18, you can still buy products if you have gotten consent from your parent or guardian and/or otherwise have the legal right to make a purchase.

We try to make shopping as user friendly as possible, just select the products (and it’s variant e.g. size, colour etc as applicable) you are interested to buy and add them to the "shopping cart". You can change the contents of the shopping cart up to the order date and you can check the contents of the basket at any time, as well as what the products cost. When you are ready to order, click on "Checkout" to manually enter your contact details or click on “PayPal” to pay automatically with your paypal account. You must confirm your purchase by clicking on "Order and Pay". Then your order will proceed to ByCandor.com and can no longer be changed.

You are required to provide the correct delivery address for the products and contact information. If the address you have submitted can not be confirmed, ByCandor.com reserves the right to hold the delivery and cancel the order. The minimum amount for a purchase on ByCandor.com is 199 sek.


Receipt of order and order confirmation

Once you have ordered a product from us, you will receive a receipt by email that we have received your order. However, no binding purchase agreement is concluded until you have received a confirmation of purchase/sales receipt from us.

Cancellation & Returns

There are a few scenarios in which cancellation and return policy can be invoked as stated below-

  1. ByCandor cancels the order
  2. Customer cancels the order before receiving the package
  3. Customer returns the order after receiving it
  4. Customer received the wrong product or damaged product
  1. ByCandor cancels the order
    ByCandor can cancel an order if it is not possible to deliver the ordered product. You will be notified if such a situation arises and any payment or reservation of the payment will be returned / canceled.

  2. Customer cancels the order before receiving the package
    You will have to pay the shipping costs for return if you cancel the order before receiving the products.  

  3. Customer received the wrong product or damaged product
    If you have received a damaged product you must raise a complain to us at info@bycandor.com within a "reasonable time" after receiving the order. In such a case after you have informed us and provided needed information (as mentioned below in Complain section) about the damage, the product needs to be returned to us for a reimbursement or are exchanging to the right product or undamaged product. In such a situation you will not be charged for the return.

  4. Customer returns the order after receiving it

    14 days for Return policy
    When you shop at ByCandor.com, you usually have 14 days to return the products, where you can inform us that you would like to return the product to us. The return policy is valid from the day you receive the product. If the deadline expires on Saturdays or other public holidays, the deadline is extended to the following weekday. After processing, you must manage the products so that it is possible to determine which products it is and what features and features they have.

    Products can not be returned when the seal or tags have been broken after receipt or the product has been evidence of use or any other damage to the product.
    To claim the return and reimbursement, you must clearly inform us within 14 days of receipt of the product. Please use our default cancellation form contained in any package you receive from us. If you use this form, you do not need to inform us in any other way that you regret your purchase.

    ByCandor.com will deduct a sum of 80 SEK for return shipping of the products. If you cancel your order, the products will be shipped back to us. In case you received a damaged product from us and would like to exchange to a undamaged product, no return cost for the damaged product will be deducted.

    Damaged or missing original packaging may result in a decrease in the value, so to be sure to have your entire amount reimbursed, we recommend that all items be returned in original packaging.

    When returning the products, ensure that they are properly packaged. You are responsible for the package / products themselves until we get it. Save receipt from carrier and any tracking number.

    You must send the products back within 14 days. Your reimbursement can only be processed after we have accessed the products and cause of return.

    Documentation of your purchase and return form
    You must attach a copy of the order confirmation or other documentation of your purchase. Additionally, handling is facilitated if you attach a completed return form that is included in the package when you receive the products.


When we receive the product, we inspect it and then you get back the amount that you have paid to us at the time of purchase. The amount is always transferred using the same payment method used in the purchase. For example, if you have used a debit card, the amount is refunded to the card used for the purchase.


You may lose your purchase amount, in whole or in part. It happens if the value of the product has decreased due to

  • The product returned to ByCandor has evidence of use
  • The product returned to ByCandor has been damaged while you were responsible for the product
  • The product returned to ByCandor has handled in any way unnecessary to access the product and it’s features.
  • The seals, tags etc of the product were handled irresponsibly.



If you wish to make a complaint regarding your purchase, please contact info@bycandor.com. If we fail to find a satisfactory solution, you can, if the requirements for this are met, submit your complaint to the General Complaints Board. You can also visit the European Commission portal here. For accommodation in another EU country, this portal may be relevant. When a complaint is made, please enter our email address dispute@ByCandor.com.

In order for us to judge your complaint, we will ask you the following:

  1. Send us a brief description of how the damage or defect has occurred. However, please note that you should contact our customer service as soon as you discover the defect.
  2. To document the defect, send 4-5 images together with the description. The defect must be clearly visible on at least one of the images. In addition, make sure your pictures show the entire product, a front view and a rear view (for shoes there should be a picture on the sole).
  3. Send the pictures via email to info@bycandor.com
  4. Also note which order number the product had - or send with a copy of the order confirmation / receipt
  5. Once we have received your photos, we will process your complaint as soon as possible.

If you have to return product (s) in connection with a complaint, ByCandor.com sends you a prepaid return label to be used. If you choose not to use the prepaid return label (and therefore pay the shipping costs), you should send the products to:

Address: Candor AB, Surbrunnsgatan 3, 114 27 Stockholm

(Note: We will not receive or process personally delivered packages at this address)

If the claim is warranted, we will naturally refund your reasonable shipping costs to return the product to us. If the complaint is not eligible, you will be responsible for all shipping costs (shipping to you and return).

Keep in mind that the product must always be shipped properly and that you receive a receipt on the shipment. You are responsible for the package / products themselves until we get it. Save the item's receipt and information about shipping costs and any tracking numbers.

NOTE: We do not accept any packages sent on demand or the like.


Personal data

To be able to shop at ByCandor.com, you must at least inform:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone / mobile number

The above information is saved together with information about which products you have purchased for seven (7) years from the end of the fiscal year to which the information relates, see the Accounting Act (1999: 1078), and then delete the information.

If you have logged in to take advantage of self-service with us, your personal details and order information will not be deleted unless you ask.

The information is not provided or sold to third parties unless this happens in connection with any restructuring or full or partial sale of the business. Any disclosure at such an opportunity will be in accordance with the laws governing personal data at the time. As a customer you have the opportunity to gain access to our data concerning you and you can obtain extracts from this registration in accordance to the laws. If your have any questions regarding the processing of personal data you can contact us at info@bycandor.com.


If the customer abuses obligations under these terms of sale and delivery, ByCandor.com reserves the right to terminate or limit the customer's use of ByCandor.com website and other sub-domains, which means that no orders can be made. The following are considered to be material breaches.

  • The customer returns incorrect information regarding name, address, email address, telephone number
  • The customer harasses ByCandor, our employees or our customers

ByCandor also reserves the right to suspend or limit the customer's future use of the site ByCandor.com or to charge the customer for any future return costs in case ByCandor.com assesses that the customer has misused his account or returned products or shows a purchase behavior or free use right of return that causes or risks causing ByCandor costs, risks or liabilities that go beyond normal use.

When a question arises concerning any cancellation, restriction or charging of return shipping costs, ByCandor.com reserves the right to take account of past events and the particular circumstances of the present case in its application of the above provisions. ByCandor may choose to have transgression with events occurring and act in the way we think is most appropriate.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Purchases of products on ByCandor.com are subject to Swedish law. All disputes shall be settled in Swedish courts.